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bitch im both <3

my Gramps <3 and 3 Grams <3

my big girl, Sophira <3

Girls Know The Feeling

OK well hiiiiiiii my name is Shannon I'm 20 and Australian. I'm random and kinda annoying (but in a good way). My favorite colour is rainbow!! I love anime, nature, photography and other random stuff. Enjoy!

Worst thing ever! Especially the head massage ones with the big, scary wire Daddy Long Legs things, and the worker has that crazed look in their eye as they say..."Are you suuuuuuure you don't want a head massage???" Yeah, yeah, I'm pretty sure..!

Looks Fixed To Me

pinterest- @forealpinnin

You're lying if you say that you don't have one.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 40 Pics

Ok now fudgin joke I was buying jeans today at AEO and seriously I was like this could be a fudgin meme. I am the master