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You better take amorphous shoes like these sitting down.  If you are drinking, plan on staying a while.

Aminaka Wilmont Bizarre Black Shoes Its difficult to tell where this womans feet end and her shoes begin! This pair of platforms/heels/pieces of art were created by Londons Aminaka Wilmont. Its hard to imagine standing up straight in these unique shoes.

Trippy Pictures Make You Do a Double Take

Thank you to the folks at InventorSpot for bringing these wacky "Gun Hoof" boots, designed by Iris Schieferstein, to our attention. They're sort of like a cowboy fantasy mullet: horse hooves up front, guns-a-blazin' in the back.


Very cool Kobi Levi "Leg" shoes!

I'd like to try these out!

There are millions of different varieties of high heels, most being sexy. But, we have found the top 10 wackiest, coolest and funniest high heel pictures. You never know, you just might find some of these heels hot and sexy!

@ Michelle Perkins  they look like mini walkers / towers!!!!Crazy Heels

One of ther weirdest pair of shoes ever created. Designed for short people, High Chair Shoes can make you look taller as the heels sports three scaffolding base to elevate its wearer over 6 inches above the ground.

Ok... odd

Extreme heels made for Anquelique de Munich

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High Heel Chicken Feet Shoes ---- funny pictures hilarious jokes meme humor walmart fails These are the perfect shoes to go see a chicken fight NOT!

Stunning Womens Shoes

Le più pazze del web - face shoes - coming soon!

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Artist Creates 12 Shoes For 12 Ex Girlfriends