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10 Times the Butler Actually Did It - Harrison Cage is the rare case of someone who did it and then became a butler, in this case serving Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana. In 1993, a jury unanimously convicted Cage of second-degree murder in the stabbing of his nephew, Tyrone Clark. While serving his life sentence for the crime, Cage came to be considered trustworthy enough for special privileges, including work detail outside of the prison walls.

10 Times the Butler Actually Did It - When socialite Anne Bass fired her butler Emanuel Nicolescu in May, 2006 after discovering he’d taken one of her cars for his personal use and then crashed it, she thought she had seen the last of him. Unfortunately, her next encounter with her ex-employee would be even more unpleasant.

10 Times the Butler Actually Did It - lfredo Rodriguez, Epstein’s former butler, would receive an identical sentence. His crime? Refusing to turn over a “little black book” detailing his ex-boss’ sexual escapades to investigators and then trying to sell it to lawyers representing women in civil lawsuits against Epstein.

10 Times the Butler Actually Did It - When Claude Heritier joined the household staff of the famous Morgan family’s house in New York City in 1907, they were thrilled to land a second butler with such an impressive pedigree and references. In 1908, his remarkable sense of recall also apparently served him well in helping him to find and steal roughly $8,000 worth of diamonds and jewelry from the Morgan household.

10 Times the Butler Actually Did It - Archibald Hall has been called the “Monster Butler,” and considering he was suspected in five murders it’s a title that’s richly deserved.

10 Times the Butler Actually Did It - Oil tycoon Howard Keck and his wife Elizabeth had filled their capacious Bel-Air mansion, La Lanterne, with expensive art and antiques, as well as full-time house staff to run the large estate. In early 1987, two long-time employees, Roy Gunnar Donell, who had worked as the family’s butler for 11 years, and his wife Christina, the cook, gave their notice, ostensibly because Roy required surgery.

10 Times the Butler Actually Did It - Paul Kidd served as royal butler and then senior footman to Queen Elizabeth from 1977 to 1984. While his public persona was “charming,” Kidd had a much darker side as a serial sexual abuser of children.

10 Times the Butler Actually Did It - As the butler to Pope Benedict, Paolo Gabriele was responsible for preparing breakfast and clothing, accompanying the Pope on his day-to-day activities. However, Gabriele became increasingly disillusioned with what he saw as corruption within the Church hierarchy and the efforts to hide this threat from Pope Benedict.

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