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Cast A Spell P8 Gemini for making wishes come true, Cancer for harmony, Leo to ignite sparks of passion, Virgo to cleanse the environment free from harmful elements, Libra for the spells related to marriage, Scorpio for adding protection, Sagittarius to reach the higher spirits, Capricorn for fertility spells, Aquarius for new friendship, and Pisces to enhance mental alertness.

Cats Wallpapers Art With A Nice Girl And Black Cat Both Purple Eyes Wallpaper I wish I had purple eyes. Or at least blue. Brown will do.

Lofn (pronounced LAW-ven) is the Norse Goddess of Forbidden Love. She is one of Frigg’s handmaidens, and serves Frigg (who is the Goddess of Marriage) by removing the obstacles that lovers face. She also presides over the marriage of the two that she has brought together. Lofn’s name, which means “praise,” is also seen as Lofna, Lofe, and Lofua.

Saheara was beautiful, she had pale white skin and floral delicate patterns up her face. He eyes were a bright blue, and her hair a navy. She wore a band around her head with a blue stone placed in the center.

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Por Mariyumi. Suspeito que antigamente seria feito em nanquim, mas não estamos em antigamente.

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