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2014 Fall KID MANIA Hall 4 - Large Toys.

2014 Fall KID MANIA Hall 4 - Rocking Chairs.

2013 Fall KID MANIA Hall 4 - Exersaucers and Walkers.

CLAIM TICKET EXAMPLE - This is what is on EVERY item in Hall 4. If a shopper wants to purchase an item in this hall, they simply tear off the BOTTOM PORTION on the perforated line. If it is missing, then that means it is SOLD and the shopper is just waiting to pay for it in Hall 1. Once KID MANIA Stamps PAID on it, the shopper can show the volunteers in hall 4 and CLAIM items purchased by matching up the Claim Ticket Numbers!

2014 Spring KID MANIA Hall 4 - Bouncy Seats, Play Gyms, Ride On Toys.