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A lovely Ibanez Bass. Just in time for Christmas as well.

The Ibanez AM93TRS Guitar, a smaller semi-acoustic or semi-hollow body guitar. One of the many instruments we teach our loyal fan base to play like a pro at

Cleaning and re-stringing a students lovely Ibanez Guitar today. It's so blue...and plays like a dream.

Recording a few YouTube videos with the lovely SR605 by Ibanez

Paul Gilbert... This man is quickly climbing my personal list of top ten guitarists... His playing style, pedagogic teaching ability, and personality really ring true with me.

One of our students received this Bass Guitar today. They absolutely love it. An Ibanez Gio series 4 string Bass in RBM (Root Beer Metallic)

Day 572 - Upgrading the academy one step at a time. We now have a fridge and refreshments