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Blame it on you

you were fat then, and fat 10 years ago as well. You're just a fat slob!

Post Tea Dance Celebrations At Sir Winston's Lounge

The dance was over but it was NOT time to go home. It was time to visit Sir Winston's Lounge on the Queen MaAry

Supermarket - Elemeno Brown tee from Pluto Tees $24

funny, because this is precisely what I thought the words to the ABC song were when I was a kid.

Product Title

Pluto | Tee

I would totally wear this. / Pluto / graphic tee / t shirt / shirt / graphic t shirt / Pluto shirt / science / space / nerdy / funny

After John's every Wednesday. LOL. @?? ?? S. Spot Stamp Shop Pearce @Tana Minnick Minnick Minnick

99.9 Percent Hungry

Probably will need to get this! Why am i in love with this shirt? lol it amazing

Jack Frost et le marchand de sable

Thomas C. Bedford on

Sandy "le Marchand de Sable" et Jack Frost ~ "Je la trouve trop rigolote cette…

What a complete waste of time.. click to view the full comic!

Hilarious lol and so true. But idk I still don't get the watching people play with kids toys and playing video games. I rather enjoy doing the gaming or sports myself over watching them.