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Rumbi Island Grill (copycat

Oh SO Delicioso!: Rumbi Island Grill {copycat recipe} - another version of Hawaiian Teriyaki recipe

Recipes to go with my story on 2010 B.C. cookbooks. Click here for the story.   Cory Parson’s Fiery Bourbon-Baked Maple Ribs (from Cooking with Cory) It’s paramount to use real map…

Here it is, my first ever family recipe series. If you’re wondering why it’s taken me long to actually cook some real Filipino food, just try asking my mom to write down/tell her recipes, and you will...


Sambal Telur Recipe (Egg Sambal)

Sambal Telur Recipe (Egg Sambal): A bit fishy for my taste, but good! Will try again with less shrimp paste.

If you're not using your griddle, you're missing out on the biggest pan real estate in your kitchen. Cook smarter by using your griddle for these 6 recipes.

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How to Make Tostones

Here's a simple and easy recipe for tostones or twice fried green plantains. A necessary staple in Caribbean cooking.

from The View from Great Island

Peach Butter

If you’ve ever had apple butter, you’ll know what to expect from Peach Butter.  Fruit butters are like thicker, smoother and silkier versions of jams.  They get their distinctive consistency because the fruit is cooked, then pureed, and then cooked down again into a spreadable ‘butter’ .  They’re quite luxurious and when you get your first taste of this one, you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to peach heaven.   This recipe makes a small batch that doesn’t require canning. I like the real…

"Hot Off the Grill" - The Real Girl's Kitchen episode video (OraTV): Haylie Duff rises to the challenge of recreating her favorite Plan Check Burger for friends at home. Includes recipes for 3 "extras" used in the recipe: Ketchup leather (brilliant!), Parmesan crisps, and bacon-Thousand Island spread. Also pinned on this board is the more complex original recipe from Plan Check chef Ernesto Uchimura (Cooking Channel), and a vastly simplified version of the "little extras" (also on OraTV).