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My Mom sent this too me, in hopes to encourage me to cherish these last weeks of my first pregnancy... I was sobbing by the end. I hope new and experienced mom's alike will appreciate these words too. Love you Mom!

You don't know what it's like that everything you do.. you do alone!!! To love someone so much and they spend their entire day with someone else... it sucks the life out of you... I passed yall this morning and it bugged the hell out of me..

That's when you'll know! So when they didn't come back, when you don't reunite, it's not meant to be and be happy it didn't work out because who you are meant to be with is still out there waiting for you! Don't rush, you'll find each other when the time is right, believe me, you will!

cornpuppehart: “My inktober challenge - if you follow these prompts please tag your post #clarasinktoberchallenge so I can see all your lovely art!!!! They get more halloweeny towards the end of the month. ” My lovely Instagram friend @cornpuppeh has...

from Sarah Kay Hoffman

In Our Hearts and I'm Going to be a Mommy

I'm not even married or in the process...but i Know one day, I'll be there! @Kristina Kilmer Nicole this made me think of you.