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Stallions That Accumulate Accumulation is not necessarily the end of a breeding career. Find out how managing this issue in the breeding barn can lead to a successful breeding season. Stallion Management

Set up your breeding barn for success. What you need for collection and shipping. Breeding Barn essentials, Stallion management

Biosecurity in the Breeding Shed - | Biosecurity isn't just a consideration for show horses. Here are some tips on how to keep breeding stock disease-free. #horses #horsehealth #biosecurity #breedinghorses

The Light Mask Blue Light Therapy to assist in equine reproduction management. From the breeding barn to the show ring, everything is truly better with blue. #equilume

Depending on the stallions temperament , allowing him to stick his head out of his stall might be okay... Just remember how strong their sense of smell is and how their natural instincts may take over. If this is done, no mares should be near or walk by, perhaps no horses should walk by at all ... It also depends on their upbringing. In many European barns, this is normal and there are little to no problems ( but the studs have been brought up this way) - JDK