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Google Now on Tap now lets you search via image and text

Google Now on Tap has just been updated with a few significant features, especially if you're someone who lives for Google's image search capabilities.

Find and play podcasts in the Android Google app

Android Auto will soon run on your phone just like any other app

If you've been itching to take Android Auto for a spin, but don't own a car that's compatible with Google's software, you'll soon be in luck. The company announ...

HP's new touchscreen Chromebook is ready for Android apps

Today HP announced the Chromebook 11 with best features chromebook 11 hp, chromebook chromebook chromebook laptop, Hp chromebook review, chromebook review, hp google chromebook, google chromebook, hp chrome

Google is working on a kill switch to prevent an AI uprising

Humans don't like the idea of not being at the top of the food chain; having something we've created taking power over us isn't exactly ideal. It's why folks li...

Google's calendar reminders are coming to the web

Today in "I can't believe this wasn't already a thing" news, Google announced the addition of reminders to Google Calendar on the web, making it easier for users to keep track of important (and not so important for that matter) ... Read More

Sharp's adorable robot phone is a not-so-cute $1,800

Is This Robot Smartphone The iPhone’s Demise? [Video] - Sharp has announced its latest smartphone and it comes in the form of a robot. It’s called RoBoHoN and it even has a video projector.

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Schaft's latest robot looks positively interstellar

Alphabet's intent to get rid of Boston Dynamics hasn't affected its other robotics programs, from the looks of it. On Japan's New Economic Summit stage, the Alp...