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Whether or not we realize it, too often, we are our own worst enemies. We bully and berate ourselves on almost a daily basis. Whether it be through negative self talk or staying in unhealthy relati…

Our Top 10 Mistakes in 50 Years of Marriage, by Joe McKeever… Christian Blog, Help and Advice via Crosswalk.

This is my biggest piece of advice to everyone losing weight, whether you made your blog yesterday or last year! Obviously, there are some foods our body is better off without, but I am an incredibly strong advocate for mental health along with physical. As in, I’d rather see someone indulge in their favorite possibly unhealthy snack every once in a while, than someone restrict their diet completely and possibly be on their way to developing an unhealthy relationship with food. I have been…

Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy, envy, guilt, hurt or shame, you are most likely (perhaps unintentionally) perpetuating your problem by your thoughts. Let me explain. When we function in a healthy manner, we don’t just experience joy and happiness, prancing around wi

Remember... every time you tolerate something that is ‘no longer the truth of you’, your boundary function is fuzzy and you are allowing thi...

Co-parenting intentionally and lovingly after divorce is a beautiful gift that you can give to your children and to yourself...Forgiving even when the words, "Love your enemies," hits too close to home.

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