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from Single Moms Income

How I Started a Blog, Faced My Fears, and Quit My Job in 1 Year

Steel sharpens steel. Testing yourselves Is the best way to see where your lacking, and what can be improved. Push the limits of the body and mind throughout the weekly if not daily. Stop comparing yourself to others. The real competition is yourself. Always strive to become better than you were yesterday.

May 2007: 195 lbs. College, Aug 2007: 180 lbs. (worked out every day in the gym + 2x/wk 1 hr-long yoga classes since I had nothing better to do than play and move and study and meet new people). 1st Winter Break, Dec 2007: 152 lbs. 1st Summer Break, May 2008: 143. Back to School, Aug 2008: 132. (THE MOST PROUD I WILL EVER BE OF MYSELF. I DID THAT, I LOST ALL OF THAT BY WORKING OUT AND EATING GOOD THINGS!) Be the hard work you want to see yourself do!

Whether you’re experiencing anxiety, depression, anger, jealousy, envy, guilt, hurt or shame, you are most likely (perhaps unintentionally) perpetuating your problem by your thoughts. Let me explain. When we function in a healthy manner, we don’t just experience joy and happiness, prancing around wi

This is my biggest piece of advice to everyone losing weight, whether you made your blog yesterday or last year! Obviously, there are some foods our body is better off without, but I am an incredibly strong advocate for mental health along with physical. As in, I’d rather see someone indulge in their favorite possibly unhealthy snack every once in a while, than someone restrict their diet completely and possibly be on their way to developing an unhealthy relationship with food. I have been…

from Unveiled Wife

Living In A Sexless Marriage - The Intimacy Crisis In Marriage

Unveiled Wife initially began because of a strain of intimacy in my marriage.  Sex was a struggle in my marriage for many years and it wasn't something that wa