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The internet is a great place to sell animals. It is also filled with creeps. Here are 5 tips for staying safe when selling animals online.

Small Animal & Livestock Euthanasia on the Homestead

from The Prairie Homestead

The Scoop on Feeding Kelp to Livestock

How and Why to Feed Kelp to Livestock:

from Melissa K. Norris

17 Self-Sufficiency Tips from the 1940’s & Great Depression Live Interview

Grab these 17 self-sufficiency tips from the Great Depression and 1940's and learn how they really did it without electricity or refrigeration. So much wisdom for us to remember.

from Dengarden

Top Tips for Living Off The Grid

Top Tips for Living Off The Grid. Food for thought if you want an off-grid lifestyle.

from Survival Life

The Dirty Truth About Off Grid Laundry

The Dirty Truth About Off Grid Laundry | Do you have any tips and tricks for Off Grid Laundry? #survivallife

Hay is the most commonly used forage for ruminant animals not on pasture. Different types of grasses can be classified as hay, along with legumes.

from The Prairie Homestead

70+ Homestead Hacks

70+ Homestead Hacks: Nifty Tips to Make Life on the Homestead a little bit easier

from Pioneer Settler

17 Homesteading Tips For The All-Around

Sheer sheep and other furry animals in the spring | Keeping Your Barn Animals Cool for the Summer | Homesteading Tips For Summer Preparedness