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Tình bạn không phải là 1 thứ gì đó thật lớn, nó là hàng triệu thứ ghép lại

U R my soulmate. We will be 2gether 1 day. The trick is to get through each day we are not 2gether, somehow. BFE

Forgetting what's inside us is why we stop believing in [the] magic . . . of living. - S. C. Lourie

Cook, Freddie, Effy, Katie, Naomi, Emily, Pandora, Thomas, JJ--the secrets they fought so hard to hide throughout the whole series

The wisdom of Eckhart Tolle - Miraculous transformation

Soon, all will be well... and you'll look back on this period and be glad you didn't give up.

In these dreams are found the deepest places of you... the impossible dreams... xo