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Christmas Scent Recipe

This makes an excellent gift. Make sure you make some for yourself too though because it really smells wonderful. Please note, you need to use whole cloves. Ground cloves are much stronger and will definitely overwhelm the other scents. If you arent a fan of cloves, feel free to leave them out entirely. I do sometimes.

11 Sweet + Spicy Stovetop Scents That Make Your Home Holiday Happy

You (and your nose) can thank us later. 11 sweet spicy super easy stove top scents that make your home smell great! More

DIY Stovetop Room Scent Recipes

DIY Room Scents. This is neat. If I ever decide to give my scentsy a break.

Simmering Scents : Food Network

Simmering Scents : Everyone thinks about the food, decor and music when it comes to planning a holiday gathering — but you shouldn't overlook the power of scent. A simmer pot is a clever, all-natural way to waft a pleasant aroma throughout your entire house. Just put the ingredients into a saucepan, cover with water and let simmer. The heat and steam will welcome your guests — or even help them feel like they've been transported somewhere else. By Karen Cohen for Food Netw...

Stove top Christmas scent --- One batch stays good for weeks, you just add water and heat it on low whenever you want to fill the house with Christmas goodness. Its not Christmas now but I'm using it anyway and it smells soo good!!

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