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Bhojpur, along the banks of a river on the cliff is this half finished temple. Within in lies a 40 ft Shivling. Around the temple you will find carved into the rock surfaces the original designs of the temple in the olden days. One story says that during construction of the temple top, one of the slabs of rock fell on the Shivling, and hence the temple was never finished. Another story, tells us that in midst of construction a war broke out and all the workers were called away and it ws…

Her husband was impeached! We've been there and we've done that. Better wake up people! Hillary said her dream is to have a world Without Borders. That means gangs from all over the world flooding to our country. Terrorist coming to our country. She will fundamentally change the world we know.


Pennae Shawl pattern by Hilary Smith Callis

Pennae (Latin for feathers) is a light and feathery asymmetrical triangular shawl that utilizes the beauty of Anzula’s new silk and wool blend yarn. Pennae starts out with just one stitch and grows from there, with a simple solid section transitioning into lace stripes, after which a lovely plume of lace finishes the shawl. The lace is an uncomplicated pattern based on Barbara Walker’s Porcupine Stitch – a chart and written directions have both been provided for easy execution. Have fun…

Solomon's pool found in ruins. God gave us the measurement of Pi long before man did. ~ 1Ki 7:23 KJV - And he made a molten sea, ten cubits from the one brim to the other: it was round all about, and his height was five cubits: and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about.

Been there, done that! Belize Map With Mayan Ruins | Mayan Ruins of Belize | Belize Vacation

Lamanai, which was once a considerably sized Mayan city has the distinction of being a Mayan archeological ruins area that for the most part is barely uncovered. Lamanai is located in northern Belize. Its major landmark is its “High Temple” which towers at 33 meters tall

New York, New York Temple! We visited this temple when we picked up my older brother, William, from his mission. It almost blends in with the surrounding buildings besides the fact that it is white. Interesting fact, they have a church house in there, too.

Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan. One of my favorites. Guess that's why I've been there several times.

I’ve been kind of obsessed with empty toilet paper rolls lately. There’s so many cool DIY projects you can do with them as you will be seeing over the next couple months (that was your warning). But I am in love with these burlap napkin rings that I made. These are very inexpensive to make and fairly easy! I think they would be gorgeous for a wedding, and they cost next to nothing to make!

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Visiting the Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

Amritsar, historically also known as Rāmdāspur & colloquially as Ambarsar, a city in north-west India. The spiritual center for Sikh religion. Home to the Harmandir Sahib ('Golden Temple'.) This important Sikh shrine attracts more visitors than the Taj Mahal & the most popular destination for Non-resident Indians in the whole of India.