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How To Use Notebooking In Your Homeschool

Do you know how to use notebooking in your homeschool? Enhance your homeschooling experience by using this fun method! Find out exactly what notebooking is and how you can use it in your homeschool. *Click Here To Read More*

How Many Drops Of Water Can You Put On A Penny?

Water Surface Tension Experiment | STEM Challenge

How to Organize Your Homeschool Curriculum

How to Organize All Your Homeschool Curriculum: 5 Systems to Help Your Homeschool Run Smoother by Raising Clovers - You are going to LOVE this post! I go through the 5 different systems that I use to organize my ENTIRE homeschool year! These 5 systems have helped our homeschool run so much smoother! My older kids use this system to work independently (making it easier for me to work with my pre-readers & toddlers). I hope this post blesses your family!

Homeschool: Owl Unit Study

Homeschool: Owl Unit Study - Owls are majestic, beautiful creatures that pretty much anyone can enjoy learning about. I love that homeschooling offers so many options, especially when it comes to Unit Studies. Use this Owl Unit Study to get the thinking train started... and let us know where it goes!

100 Educational Shows to Stream on Netflix

Oh wow! I've never seen most of these! Animals, nature, wars and more. This list of 100 educational shows to stream on Netflix is being printed out, as we speak!