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from CNNMoney

Fracking now fuels half of U.S. oil output

Australian Survival and Preppers..: Commercial Waste,Pollution,Mining,Fracking, all fo...

She has a point. Fracking waste is now legally injected into the deepest of California's aquifers. The cleanest water ruined forever.

This chemical cocktail contains arsenic and lots of pesticides, among other chemicals. Help Protect Mother Earth! Public service announcement: you might not want to go surfing off the coast of Santa Barbara. Yes, you did read that right: the oil industry is legally allowed to dump more than 9 billion gallons of toxic fracking wastewater off the coast of California each year.

from Pure Ella

be inspired : earth day quotes

We already live in a Paradise, but destroy it by thinking we will go to Heaven and that is where paradise is. Are you kidding me, look around at how amazing and perfect this Earth is and all living creatures working in harmony, but Humans!

from the Guardian

Fracking produces annual toxic waste water enough to flood Washington DC

The deliberate pollution of billions of gallons of fresh water annually to fill the pockets of the greedy republicans. It isn't enough that the fossil fuels extracted are polluting our air to the point of climate change but now fracking requires we also pollute our ground water to get the polluting fossil fuel.