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My birthday present from the best boyfriend ever

Getting ready to restart my journey but this is literally me and my shrinkage lol

Plus be a mom to a 2 yr old, do your own laundry, keep your room clean, play with and feed your pets.... breathe? Ugh my life right now.

I love Klaus's tenderness and caring here. He really meant it. This scene made me cry.

from Camille Styles

A Moody Home Makeover for Any Space

I’ve always loved the look of a dark interior (I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to spaces and images that evoke that moody, intimate feeling), but when we moved more

Thank you gf for changing my entire makeup collection! I've never tried brown shades before and didn't know they look great!

MARCEL THE SHELL P.S. I love Marcel [My one regret in life is that I'll never have a dog. So I tied a hair to a piece of lint and I drag him around.]

I love their relationship. Marcel tried SO hard to protect Davina :(

from Wedding Forward

Ring Bearer & Flower Girl - Super Cute Wedding Guests

Ring Bearer And Flower Girl And#8211; Super Cute Wedding Guests ❤ See more: #weddings

my name is marcel and I'm a shell as you can see by my body but i also have shoes and a face and I like that about myself and I like myself and I have a lot of other great qualities as well