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During the war the persistence of class hierarchies meant that some men had to perform tasks that were traditionally considered to be women's work. These men were known as "batmen."

A large French digging machine building trenches on the western front during World War I.

Interior of hospital train, transport of wounded, 1918

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WW1 French Postcard ~ Red Cross Dog C1918

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The German Landsturm, heading off to the front during World War I. The oldest class of reservists, they were nevertheless called up in great numbers to supplement the army during the war. (Hoffschmidt and Tantum Collection)

The forgotten Irish soldiers who fought for Britain in the first world war Ireland was on the cusp of the Easter Rising when thousands of Irish men joined up to serve with the British army in the first world war. They returned to an utterly changed country; they were officially forgotten. This is one man's story Irish troops serving with the British army on the western front in France circa 1917

Denis Smith (Born Dorothy Lawrence) was an English reporter who disguised herself as a man to go undercover during World War I. Dorothy, 19, was living in Paris and wanted to be a war reporter – something that was impossible due to her sex, and the difficulty that even males were having at the time getting to the front lines as journalists. She persuaded two young English soldiers to give her a uniform; she had her hair cut short in a military style, and colored her skin with diluted…

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Trench foot caused by prolonged exposure to damp, unsanitary & cold conditions. #WW1centenary #LestWeForget