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"No-one realizes how strong someone with depression has to be just to do daily stuff like shower, brush hair, get out of bed, etc. It's really hard."

If you are experiencing domestic or family violence here are the signs: Constantly fearful and on edge, Isolated and alone Like you are going mad, Shamed or embarrassed, Guilty or depressed, Anxious, Pressured and uncomfortable, Humiliated and confused Like you have lost all belief in yourself. Restricted and controlled Full of self blame and self loathing.

Are Writers Losers?

I strongly believe in this quote. And no writers are not losers. We just see the world in a different way. In a way that was somehow erased from people's way of thinking. We are dreamers, inspiring the world with our words.

It's true that those people close to you won't understand what you have been through, I can barely understand and I have experienced it... Find understanding with others who have experienced it as well. Seek out therapy, support groups Facebook support groups, blogs etc. There are many good resources for connecting with those who understand because they gave been through it as well.

just so people know im not in this for the pic or the characters or to be fimanis or how ever you you spell that silly word im in it for the encouragement and some people just don't understand that