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Women in paid employment were not a new phenomenon in 1914. They made up a substantial part of the industrial workforce even before the First World War, although they were mainly concentrated in textile manufacture. After 1915, when the need for shells intensified, women were brought into munitions manufacturing in large numbers. By 1918 almost a million women were employed in some aspect of munitions work.

A Bus Conductress, 1919, by Victoria Monkhouse.

Iconic WW1 Lord Kitchener Army Recruiting Poster 1914

Sir William Orpen ‘Zonnebeke’, 1918 The Imperial War Museum. Moving on from the…

The Cemetery, Etaples, 1919, by John Lavery.

"Preserve Perishable Produce" -- WWI propaganda poster (UK), c. 1918.

Total War- contained every citizen or person in the war

Over the Top 1918 by John Nash

William Orpen, Dead Germans in a Trench, 1918

Sir William Orpen, Tanks, 1917; This dramatic watercolour drawing by the…