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As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands; there is no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.” (Romans NIV) 🙏

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What's meant to be never just fades away. Your dreams keep resurfacing, asking for your time and attention. Decide. Take the risk so you'll never regret!

Be still... the Lord IS on your side! (via TEXT: Hymn The Lutheran Hymnal Text: Psalm Author: Catharine Amalia Dorothea von Schlegel, cento Translated by: Jane Borthwick, 1855 Titled: "Stille, mein Wille" Composer: Jean Sibelius, b. arr. Tune: "Finlandia"

Idea to drop weight: After your diet, you appear to put on weight faster. When you dramatically restrict your food consumption, your metabolism will briefly decrease. When you begin consuming usually, you'll put on weight till your metabolism recuperates.

LEARN from yar past, LIVE yar present n LOOK forward to tomorrow .... this is how I CHOOSE to live my life n NO ONE will EVER take that away from me ... cuz they CHOSE to live differently. I LIKE MY LIFE cuz I work for it - it's NOT free :))))))))))