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A new study says specifically says yes! The Journal of Sport Sciences did some extensive testing on both elite stand up paddlers, as well as recreational stand up paddlers, against a sedentary group and found that for sure, those who stand up paddle have lower levels of body fat. In addition to that, they found

Do you sit at a desk or in an office all day long? Then you need to read this article from to learn about signs of “sitting disease” and that ways that you can prevent it.

With the demand for white collar jobs increasing, more and more people are finding themselves at a desk job. This puts them at an increased risk of developing health complications due to the sedentary nature of their job.

45 minute at home zumba video to Christian music. just press play and it will play all of them in order! there are 2 other workouts as well! woohoo!

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Cycle Crazy: 14 Smart & Stylish Bike Storage Solutions

Pit-in // table designed to be places outside cafes for cyclists