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Two Bull Terriers having a ball at the beach just before the sun sets

Steampunk Volkswagen van look, with a hammock on the side, and a roof mount fit for a caravan across the desert.

Fantastic vw splitty seen at the Apex Festival, Kent UK 2015



<3 Flower Power <3 Love anything retro? There’s nothing stopping you from expressing that love for anything vintage in a hippie painted VW Campervan! Its all about peace, love and a bad paint job! But it’s the principal that counts, right?

When you think about hippies you inevitably identify them with images of the flower power, John Lennon, free love and the redoubtable Volkswagen Camper van. Painted VW Bus <O>

I just can't help pinning old vans with hippie paint.  I only rode in a volkswagon once and it barely made it up the hill - but once was all it took to get the fever

Inspiring image car, hippie, kombi, rainbow, vehicle - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

I think I prefer my kid to look like a lil rascal than a whiny princess with fake curls and dresses too old for her age.

Children dressed as adults and posing like them = slightly disturbing Original caption: Totally unisex: The look is oh so simple but the jeans have just the right amount of bagginess at Finger in the Nose kids fashion for spring 2013