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Shane Harper - Hold You Up (Official Lyric Video) this guy has such a good voice and such good songs!

Niall does not smoke, Niall has no tattoos, Niall has no drama, Niall is a good Irish Catholic, Niall believes all girls are beautiful just the way they are, Niall calls his future wife, even though he hasn't met her yet, Princess, Niall loves kids, Niall is carefree, Niall is fun, Niall is funny, Niall can wiggle his nose like a little bunny, Niall eats a lot. I love Niall.

AWWW! I would go back in time to when Harry worked in the bakery and walk in and then become a regular then we will become friends and then I will ask him out and then..... No one else KNOWS that he will grow up to be so sexy! And that is my plan. YAY

If he were my teacher, I would do so good in his class. I would want to watch his face and listen to his voice so I would definetly pay attention. And I would have him tutor me so I could do that much better! Itd be great! ;) ezra fitz