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The V-Rack shape and wings allow you to cook a chicken or other poultry breast-down so that the juices stay put. This rack is adjustable to fit meat of all sizes. Non-stick coated for easy cleanup. Folds flat for easy storage

Arabic Sahlab drink

An easy to make unique milky drink "Sahlab" that is healthy and flavorsome. Surprise your family/friends this weekend, and stay warm this winter!

Cold Buffet Platform when serving cold apps, fruit, juice etc using a Ikea Spontan magnetic board + ice packs

American Atelier Orange 340-ounce Beverage Dispenser by American Atelier

@Overstock - This American Atelier beverage dispenser is a ceramic canister with a glass lid. This orange drink dispenser offers 340 ounces of space for your summer drinking enjoyment. $34.59