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Rudolf Steiner gaf hier voordrachten aan de arbeiders van de Waldorf Astoria sigarettenfabriek. Zoals op zo veel plaatsen in het na-oorlogse Duitsland, was hier niet voldoende werk om de werknemers alle tijd te laten werken. Bovendien bestond het merendeel van de werknemers uit vrouwen, vele mannen waren in de oorlog gestorven.

According to #anthroposophy, the human being consists of four elements, or bodies, both different and interrelated: the physical #body, etheric body (life forces), the astral body (emotions and sensations), and the self or ego body that corresponds to consciousness, the power to direct, lead and shape. Diseases would result from imbalances between the four components of the human being.

"it is impossible to develop the will (and that healthiness of feeling on which it rests) unless one develops the insights that awaken the energetic impulses of will and feeling. A mistake often made is not that people instill too many concepts into young minds, but that the kind of concepts they cultivate are devoid of all driving life force.”

The premise of this book is that a human being is a being of body, soul, and spirit, whose core is "eternal spirit," from which center one should strive to live. From this perspective, the aim of true education is to help our children activate this deepest center in themselves. For this, living, intuitive thinking must be brought to life in a new way. The organ for such thinking is the heart, where will and feeling join in uniting self and world, morality and truth, love and action.

Today's children are an endangered species. As a result of reductionism and the homogenization of the human stages of life, it seems that many children have lost their childhood only to be thrust into a confusing and chaotic world. Eugene Schwartz presents an incisive analysis of how errors during the first third of the twentieth century have now returned to haunt us at the beginning of the new century.