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Have you ever wondered about the magic and mystery of the full moon? Have you ever gazed at the full moon and felt its power deep within? If so, you are not alone, as the cycle of the full moon i...

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Moon Magick and Witchcraft Spell Casting

Wicca Spells | Moon Magick and Witchcraft Spell Casting

Juno/Optima Maxima/Moon Goddess watches & protects women from the time they are born until they pass through the veil. Juno reresents the Mother, the Full Moon, & is worshipped as giver of light on a full moon. Round & full like a woman's womb carrying a child, ancients believed birth to be Her greatest concern & newborns were said to be blessed & guarded by Juno. The month of June is named after the Goddess. Juno should be invoked in rituals to restore a woman's self-worth.

Every month the Moon will go through a cycle. When the Moon is new, this is a time for starting new projects and making plans. When the Moon is waxing (coming into being full) we ask for good and...