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On our last day (and warmest day!) in Moscow, we took a boat tour of Moscow, which is by far one of the most beautiful and exciting ways to see Moscow!

Delicious Russian restaurant! This place specializes in blini (traditional Russian pancake dish) dishes, and can be found all over Russia.

The quickest and most popular mode of transportation in Moscow is the metro!

Cheap, but authentic Russian food. This restaurant seems to be a Russian equivalent to McDonalds in Russia (though McDonalds is no harder to find in Russia than it would be in the U.S.).

Map of the main campus of Moscow State University, but it is important to note, that this University is spread out around the city.

University of Pittsburgh's Slavic Language Program has a great Russian program, in which participants spend 5 weeks in the summer in their Russian language program, and 5 weeks in a Russian language program at Moscow State University!

GUM is probably the largest mall in Moscow (and not ideal shopping for students). It is located in the heart of Red Square, directly across from the Kremlin.

A particular incentive to use public transportation in Moscow, is the horrendous traffic jams which often occur.

While I was in Moscow, GUM celebrated an anniversary. In honor of its birthday, a the heart of Red Square was filled with beautiful flowers for about a week.

Russian Blini - Similar to crepes. Are a bit thicker and have a different taste. Depending on how they are prepared, can have a varied range of textures and flavors. Perfect for desserts or can be used as a main dish by being stuffed with meats and various vegetables. There are many possibilities with this versatile dish.

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