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Rankin photographs children with 'real' version of imaginary friends

The world has not yet become so overcrowded that children have lost the inclination to squeeze up and make room for an imaginary friend. The invisible companion is reliable in a way that other, more tangible friends often aren't. Mine was called "Mr Nobody" and could be instantly summoned for a notional drubbing at any competitive activity of my choosing. Other imaginary friends, no doubt, offer a sympathetic imaginary ear.


Viser la lune. Toujours ☾ Si on rate, on atterrira dans les étoiles ✩ (Et avec un peu de chances, on rencontrera Le Petit Prince ♥)

Guy Laramée

'Landscapes carved out of books by Guy Laramee | part of Montreal based artist Guy Laramee’s new series titled “GUAN YIN” where he transforms book pages into phenomenal landscapes.' Don't like when people ruin books, but this, I have to say, is gorgeous.

She come read to me everyday she does. She not afraid of me. She teach me to read too. Why must we leave if humans ain't evil?