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What a beautiful picture of Sam Winchester

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Veenu Winchester on

Sam Winchester: A Summary

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SPN❤❤J2M on

Sam winchester. If you don't like sam or hate him for his mistakes you need to think again.

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Tiff_Achenbach on

That's Dean and Sam Winchester in your bedroom and they never leave

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Dean Winchester on

I just love Dean so much more than Sam.

gif for everything - "I would like to purchase the alcohol please." Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki - Supernatural

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meupclose on

Sam in the Impala; Season 1 vs Season 9 ||| Supernatural <= he's the same person...but not...

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Genevievers on

Genevieve quote about Jared (Jared & Gen candid) - He really is Sam Winchester at heart :)

"Do you have any Deans in stock? Where do I find the Sams? And tell me you do have angels of The Lord, in stock, preferably one named Castiel?"