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DIY MOUTHWASH - You can easily make your own mouthwash that is free of chemicals, perfumes, preservatives, artificial colors, and more with two simple ingredients—water and essential oils—which can be just as beneficial (if not more) than chemicals used in traditional mouthwashes. Try this simple and cost effective mouthwash recipe for a clean, refreshed, and healthy mouth.

All Purpose Healing Stick - In 5ml roller bottle: 10 drops each Lavender, Frankincense, Maleleuca. Fill rest of bottle with quality Witch Hazel

I discovered this by accident one day with my car diffuser. It smells SO good, like candy. My kids love it! The new Limited Edition Holiday products will be available November 1st and this includes a new water-based car diffuser from doTERRA that fits in

Peppermint essential oil is known for keeping spiders away. Mix 20 drops with 4 oz of water to make a spray for your garden! What else does Peppermint do? A lot! Check it out: 60 Uses for Peppermint Essential Oil {DoTerra}

How to treat menstrual cramps, postpartum aches, and muscle cramps using essential oils. Layer clary sage, deep blue, and peppermint doTERRA essential oils.