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20-Bar Tabletop Brass Chime Tree by A Day's Work. $77.80. One of the most popular sound effects used in the elementary music classroom, the chime tree can truly add a bit of "magic" to any musical setting. Play the chime tree by "strumming" along the chimes with your fingers or with a triangle striker (not included). For a hand-held model, see the Hand Held 20-Bar Brass Chimes (available separately). To assemble your chimes, we recommend placing the bars in a shoebox lid ...

"Consider the hands that write this letter. The left palm pressed flat against the paper as it has done before over my heart in peace or reverence to the sea or some beautiful thing I saw once felt once: snow falling like rice flung from the giants' wedding or the strangest birds. & consider then the right hand & how it is a fist within which a sharpened utensil similar to the way I've held a spade match to the wick the horse's reins loping the very fists I've seen from the roads…

The more technologically advanced we become, the more there is a renewed interest in home made and artisanal products and country life.

Here are the best of the Military Vignettes at the world leading modelling show held every year in England – the world famous Euro Milita...

Vintage Microvision Cartridge Based Electronic Handheld Game By Milton Bradley Electronics, Model 4952, Made In USA, Copyright 1979.

Vintage Atari Touch Me Electronic Handheld Game, Model BH-100, Red LED, Atari's Only Handheld Game, Made In Taiwan, Circa 1978.

Stonehenge Begins to Yield Its Secrets

Discoveries in the past decade have revealed more about the people for whom Stonehenge and nearby monuments held great meaning. (Photo: Adam Stanford/Aerial-Cam)