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Édouard Manet | Young Woman in the Garden, 1880 | oil on canvas 153.7 x 116.8 cm Private Collection

The Escape of Rochefort. Edouard Manet paints the water with impressionistic brushworks, picking up the light and movement.

Intérieur d'un café, place du Théâtre français - Edouard Manet 1880. Impressionism; the depiction of everyday life sprouting from Haussmannization in mid to late 19th century Paris

Manet - From Wiki- Born January 23, 1832 in Paris, France, one of first 19th century artists to paint modern life, pivotal figure in transformation from Realism to Impressionism, upper class family, married Suzanne Leenhoff, studied under academic teacher, interest in subject of leisure, in his 40s contracted syphilis and also from rheumatism, April, 1883 left foot amputated because of gangrene, died 11 days later in Paris