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"Currently somewhere in between "damn i need a bf" and "nah im a strong independent woman who dont need no man""

Damn right!!! Get ready haters!!! #patsnationbitches More

Wikileaks Provides An Update On Their Internet Being Cut By Obama To Keep Americans In The Dark About Hillary – PATDOLLARD

and the irony that there is women that fight to take those rights away from other women, like abortion rights, women and child healthcare, education, law protection against discrimination... it's your duty to all the women before you to ensure future women do not have to suffer through those things.

Bill's an abuser/rapist, and killery has been in DC "30 years" and hasn't accomplished a damn thing except get people killed. If your name is clinton you should be behind bars!

Rainbow Moonstone, Himalayan Quartz, Shaman Quartz, Peridot and Kyobancha tea leaves from Kyoto In that sacred space between holding on and giving in is a breath that runs with hope to find shelter in the fragility of life and when love is offered something is going damn right just like it is supposed to °Woodlights Woudlicht This is a crystal grid from a while ago. The smell of these smoky tea leaves I will never forget...

Damn right. I'm not sorry when I say this: Black Lives Matter and all movements following, are crocks of shit.

They are helping! Now we know feminism isn't unfounded. They're saying #YesALLMen