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♌ love these kitties when they get all fired up. Though I wouldn't recommend it if you're faint of heart. Remember it is the female lions that do the hunting.

The Beatles and their wives/girlfriends with the Maharishi in Bangor (Wales) on August 27th, 1967, the day Brian Epstein was found dead.

One couple, 57 flowers and the Somerset meadow they turned into a field of dreams

I am moved to try a smaller version of this gorgeous 'wildflower' meadow on a sandy patch that has just been cleared of twenty or thirty years of rubbish at the side of our block.... I can imagine a mix of Queen Anne's Lace, Molucca Balm, Cornflowers, Golden Cosmos, Shirley Poppies, even some fuzzy double 'Opium' Poppies, Larkspur, tall white Cosmos, Love in the Mist etc etc...