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Motivational Monday #20 & linkup #motivateonmonday

Do yourself justice. You can only be YOU. Embrace it! #beyourself #feelfree #love

I hope this is one thing I am able to teach my kids. Be an INDIVIDUAL don't worry about being like everybody else they are just jealous they are not as awesome and comfortable with their selves as you are simply being yourself all the time.

You're never going to be 100% ready and its never going to be just the right time, but that's the point. It means that every moment is also the right moment. If you want it, you just have to do it.

"Whichever dream has been placed on your heart has been placed there for a reason. You don't need someone to approve of it, validate it, or make it more important for you than it already is. If you're waiting on the world to give you the green light to move forward, you're going to wait forever. Trust that your dreams aren't just idle fantasies, but a blueprint of your destiny." -Jordan Bach #yourjourneyawaits #jordanbach #thebachbook #spiritjunkie #inspiration #dreambig

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You'll be surprised just how good this raw dessert is! A simple & zesty "cheesecake" that you can whip up with ingredients you most like already have!

friends ask why you're crying . . . best friends already have the shovel ready to bury the loser that made you cry.

It’s easy to get really stressed and anxious and worn out. Don’t let your situation get the upper hand- take a deep breath and just know that you can do it!