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Next project under way! Beautifully designed custom pendant. Now to start hand making it! #handmade #handmadejewellery #jewellery #jeweller #instajewelrygroup #instajeweller #design #designer #jewellerydesign #diamond #diamonds #ring #rings #gemstones #gems #diamond ring #customjeweller #customdesign #gold #topaz #silverjewellery #samanthakellyjewellery @samanthakellyjewellery

◇14 October 2016◇ Today the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge under took several engagements in Manchester. They first visited the National Football Museum. They enjoyed a tour of the museum, which aims to explain to fans and non-fans alike how and why football has become ‘the people’s game’, and a key part of the UK's heritage and way of life. Next, the Duke and Duchess visited Manchester Town Hall and attended a ceremony at the Cenotaph to lay commemorative paving stones honouring…

from living journey creations

Clasped Weft – A little further…

I finally got back to my loom the other day. I managed to knock out just under a metre of this clasped weft with a diamond twill pattern. My goal is to get three metres of this, then do another thr…

Ribbon lotus:3 ways to make/Lotus de las cintas:3 variantes de hacer/Лотос из лент: 3 варианта - YouTube

From @mbentwood1 Thursday is under way ....gray scale life . @alexandryandesign carbon kydex holster. Carbon wallet from @turnermotorsport G43 with @hyvetechnologies Base plate in tungsten over armor black ... Glasses from some town in china...also cerakoted

Feeling overwhelmed or in way over your head? Do you have a mountain of issues or tasks you just can't seem to get out from under? All of us at some point has had the experience of feeling overwhelmed. Whether we’ve taken on more than we should, experienced a change in circumstances, or failed to adequately prepare, the result was that we landed in a situation where we felt we had little or no power. Here are some tips to help you regain control over your emotions and situation.

Davenport Pier under Milky Way Soon after sunset the sunset glow remnant was luminous enough to light up the horizon and in the sky with dense blue hue the milky way started to come out. Camera: nikon D810 ♥ Seguici su

Homemade pizza ready in under 2 minutes is a serious game-changer! Thanks to professional chef and food blogger Gemma Stafford, she’s created the ultimate way for people to enjoy the Italian favorite that’s so easy, quick and really delicious. I’m ready to dig in! The pizza in a mug recipe went viral earlier this year …

from The Magic Brush Inc | Jennifer Allwood | Decorative painter | DIY | Business coach

Tray Decor - 1 Tray, 4 Styles

4 Ways to style Decorative Trays by Jennifer Allwood of This table decor functions as a coffee station. Tray Decor is a fun way to decorate for fall and the holidays, style coffee tables and counters. Just put a cute tray under it and make it table decor!