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Learn how to henna. Henna. Henna flower. Step by step henna | A little bit of henna | Purely natural henna stains the top most layers of your skin, leaving a beautiful stain which lasts 7-10 days. Henna cones are used to draw intricate designs, often rooted in traditional henna-mehndi motifs, without any stencils or stamps. Kristy is well versed in many designs and may be able to create something just for you with a "Trust your Artist" option. The pattern books cannot hold all that is possible in henna patterns.

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Unity Candle Set with Henna- Henna Candles with Swarowski crystals - OOAK - Unique

Unity Candle Set with Henna Henna Candles with by mehndiart09. $65.00, via Etsy.

Organic Henna Products. Professional Henna Studio. #mandala #shoulderhenna #yellowbathingsuit