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Very ornate, can you imagine the craftsman that made this and who installed it!

Funny Friendship Ecard: i wish the dollar store sold whiskey. @Jeannie Choi Brazwell @Chalese Stevens Cousins @Ashley Walters Mendiola CAN YOU IMAGINE???

Alexander Prokhorenko, a true hero...
from 9GAG

Alexander Prokhorenko, a true hero...

May God bless this Russian hero. Trump is criticized by Hillary and Obama for wanting better relations with Russia. Why? When we are fighting an evil, common enemy? Hillary, like Obama is sympathetic to radical islam. . So much so that they refuse to say the words. We need Trump Pence 2016 for a safer America.

A president who LOVED his country and it's people and RESPECTED what our flag represents. How we need that again.

do you remember that ONE time i was LONGING for you.. it must have been about NINE years ago now in BENIGN during HOMECOMING we were in that RUSTED old FREIGHT CAR and you described DAYBREAK as a FURNACE that was burning up the sky....<<< Art

Powerful message for black people everywhere.... God bless us all ,he is my savior is he yours .... I love him ... Do you ⛪

from The Cut

The Patti Smith Look Book

Patti Smith is so freaking cool

Aldrich Hazen Ames. For 9 years Ames was a Soviet Spy while working as a officer in the CIA. Ames compromised more CIA assets than had any Soviet mole in American History.