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If the government won't trust me with my guns, I don't trust them with theirs.

Please go to: Sign the petitions under "firearms" to protect your 2nd amendment rights!

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We should also ban cars, because people drink and drive then kill people. We should also outlaw food, yea food makes people fat & that makes people have heart attacks. Oh yea guns, they pull their own triggers. Guns bad. Soda, soda leads to tooth decay. Ban that shit! Hmm what else should we ban?? How about career politicians!

Average police response time is about 10 minutes. It is about 17 minutes in Detroit. Detroit has strict gun regulations guys. How are my odds if I have to wait 17 minutes for the police to arrive after I hear a man break into my house?

2nd AMENDMENT RIGHTS. Let's keep them!

Typical politician BS. I'll take your firearms and leave you without protection but I'll be dammed if I won't be protected myself. Here's an idea, how about you honor the constitution and all of its amendments in every political action you take. Politicians are so full of crap.

Without Second Amendment Rights, no other rights may be guaranteed!