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1472 Montefeltro Altarpiece by Piero della Francesca

Coat Armor (jupon) of Charles VI of France, late 14th century. “In Medieval and Renaissance Europe, […] in addition to mail and plate armor, […] knights and men-at-arms wore armor made of fabric, many-layered and heavily quilted body armor known as a gambeson (worn under mail and early plate armor), or a jupon (worn alone or over a mail shirt).”

Mounted knight set upon by an archer and a billman.

SCA German Renaissance Research: 06/01/2008 - 07/01/2008

from Mail Online

King size! Henry VIII's armour reveals he had a 52in girth - for which he paid a terrible price

Suit of armour worn by King Henry VIII approximately 1540, noticeably bigger than that of in his early 20's. New research has shown that by the age of 45, Henry VII's weight had started to balloon as he suffered increasingly from chronic constipation and his body succumbed to hideous sores and repeated infections Read more:

You always need to keep yourself protected.

You always need to keep yourself protected.

Swan, wearing billowing cape with arms of Sivry (barry of twelve argent and azure an estoile or) | Book of Hours | Belgium, perhaps Bruges or Valenciennes | ca. 1470 | The Morgan Library & Museum

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