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Image: Michael W. May/Flickr It’s called Basis (as it wants to provide you with the foundations for a long life), and it’s a dietary supplement purporting to boost your “metabolic health.” #loseweightveryfast #pill

from Forks Over Knives

Why Does Animal Protein Cause Weight Gain?

You might be asking yourself how protein can be associated with weight gain when you have always been told to eat protein to lose weight. There are many possible answers to this very complex question.

The 5:2 Diet - Eat, Fast and Live Longer Fast 2 days a week at 600 calories, eat normally the other 5 and stay healthier!? I have GOT to try this

The FLF is an innovative program in that it eschews much of the existing advice in the fitness market. Instead of forcing his students to adhere to an extremely strict diet, Dr. Michael Allen shows that weight loss is possible even with an occasional eating binge.