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from The Christian Science Monitor

'The Hobbit': How to throw your very own Shire-style party

No one should be held responsible for agreeing to legal terms offered in a way that demands they be agreed to immediately.

from DIY

How to Create a Fieldstone and Sand Fire Pit Area

Rent a house closer to the Chesapeake Bay where the beaches aren't crowded and there's no shopping

Look how he is so happy to see you and that gorgeous smile from ear-to-ear.

from SparkPeople

Firefly Recipes?

I really wish inaras said smart. She wasn't just her looks. None of them were.

from The Pioneer Woman

Build Your Own Raised Flower/Vegetable Bed

Such delicate & colorful beauty can only be designed by God -- how did He think of this?!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Clooney. Used to think he was good actor, now don't care to see him in anything. Good Looks only go so far.....

from Mail Online

Pictured: The ten little porkers which might help save Britain's rarest breed of pig

* * " Yo ! Today ya haz de opportunity to be grateful fer de many gifts I wuz given." OTHER TWO PIGLETS: " He's so optimistic sometimes, he's depressin.' "

from Top Inspired

Top 10 America's Cutest Pets

beautiful coloration and beautiful kitten. he looks like a lil tiger! :)

from After Narcissistic Abuse

The Four Most Common Masks Worn by The Narcissist

Not just Ladies... but Guys too... be smart, don't fall too easily, and never settle. Make sure before you decide to marry someone, you really know them. Not just their favorite things but truly truly know them. People are really good at what they do, "fooling people". They do it so well, they probably don't even realize it. Lying and manipulating is something that is natural to them.