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Evil people feel no remorse. Love it when they think they're hurting others. Not possible to hurt our happiness.


Basic rights in a relationship !

The fate of the accused as decided at Nuremberg. The date of this newspaper October 1, 1946. The 10 who were sentenced to the gallows were hung on October 16, 1946. Swift justice!

Ted Bundy Updates. This is the book that presented the "banality of evil" Ted Bundy, as we have learned wore a mask, was a chameleon. Ann Rule didn't see it, nor did others, immediately. We know now that many serial killers are like Bundy: sociopaths, they can mimic reality, but not feel it, and they fool many people over lengths of time. No one should ever say "Why, he's so nice, it couldn't be him!" Ann Rule's book told us why, clearly and completely.

Did Hitler and Eva Braun flee Berlin and die (divorced) of old age in Argentina?

Eva Braun pictured: I read the book, Grey Wolf. I read the newspaper article about the book including the comments. I will tell you this, I believe Dunstad and Williams extensively researched the subject and arrived at a logical conclusion; in my view more accurate than anything presented before. I never did accept that "famous picture" was Hitler. If he was burned why not beyond any possibility of recognition such as was done with Goebbels? It was planned subterfuge to evade capture.