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After a long day of going to random cities with Luke, we had a nice dinner with Mikey and Lukes families all together. I laughed around with Liz and Karen, while Bru clung to their new puppy like she was gonna kill it or something. I laughed when mikey took it from her strong grip, and Mikey smiled. " this is (enter name here), and he's a golden retriever." Mikey said. Like turned to me and kissed my cheek. "Now. Bru and I have news." Like said. I looked at him, lost. He smiled and nodded…

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Is Eddie Redmayne Hot?

Oliver ran a hand through his hair and looked down at Kit, "we won't let her near either of you. Ever again," he vowed. Clint shook his head, "but I would have been able to protect both of you, if i had been here, Ellen. The only time that woman can bring me harm is when she hurts you two." @teresaspadt

After looking at dat face for 10 minutes... I am honestly creeped out


On a scale of sobbing Courfeyrac to the boys just before they die (*sob*), what do you look like when you cry?

Best. GIF. Ever.>> I was listening to music when I saw this and it looked like he was singing the lyrics and I'm laughing so hard. I'm soo weird