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Funny pictures about Meteor over Stonehenge. Oh, and cool pics about Meteor over Stonehenge. Also, Meteor over Stonehenge.

A new stunner from astrophotographer Thierry Legault: a Moonbow and Meteor over Australia's Wallaman Falls

Meteor & Milky Way above Waterfall & Moonbow A night at Wallaman Falls, Queensland, Australia. A bright meteor crosses the Milky Way, while the light of the gibbous Moon causes a moonbow with the waterfall.

Auch hier wieder ein absolutes Farbenbeispiel. Gerade und vor allem die Wolken und der Berg oben. Aber eben auch diese Harmonie zwischen rosa und blau und schwarz. Genau solche Farben und Harmonien meine ich. ♥

Landscapes & Scenery Digital Art by Niken Anindita

kheled zaram by megatruh - Landscapes & Scenery Digital Art by Niken / space horizon / moon / shooting stars / sci fi / fantasy / colorful

Meteor shower over Pikes Peak is in the background and Garden of the Gods is what is up front. You can see the sunlight reflecting off the observatory on the top of the Peak.

Meteor shower over Pikes Peak, Colorado I know it isn't a sun or moon.but it is an incredible photo and I live 50 miles from Pikes Peak. Have never seen a photo like this before. Love it.

Colorful Space Landscape iPhone 5s Wallpaper Download | iPad Wallpapers & iPhone Wallpapers One-stop Download

Winter Star Clusters Dot Milky Way Like Ornaments & Space Art Gallery. The color of the rainbow in sky have primary colors and plus the color in the background.

I watched the star fall from the embroidery of the heavens.


The sky at night illuminates the Middle McCloud Falls in northern California. Photographer: Brad Goldpaint its my dream to get a star picture like this

Shooting Star: The Giroselle of Virginia (Dodecatheon meadia or Dodecatheon pauciflorum) is a hardy perennial plant whose flower is renowned for its beauty. This plant reaches 40 cm high and 25 cm in diameter. Its toothed, 10-25 cm long oval leaves are pale green in the medium.  Flowering from March to may, umbels consisting of approximately 15 flowers pink-magenta, 1 to 2 cm long, on vigorous stems. Origin: Southwest USA.

Shooting Star: The Giroselle of Virginia (Dodecatheon meadia or Dodecatheon pauciflorum).