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AdventureStuck! by Kazia-Kat on DeviantArt

by Kazia-Kat on DeviantArt

awut :: let me tell you about homestuck | Tapastic Comics - image 2

Meet the Instagram Sensation Omar, The World Longest Cat

What if. Hussie was the one entering to the room with a cat on his shoulder?

Apparently from the "everyone is Dave" au

ishomestuckfinishedyet: “ Return of Homestuck Day Homestuck is not finished yet Let’s enjoy some muthafuckin Davestuck Source Source “A young DAVE stands in his bedroom.

trolls vriska serket Gamzee Makara eridan ampora feferi peixes terezi pyrope equius zahhak Jotart Acquaristuck

I want that oufit. Sollux: defiiniitely a up from old wardrobe…

sidvosej:  vriska and terezi is good Friend

Homestuck - Terezi Pyrope x Vriska Serket - Scourge Sisters

“sad to say, no one woUld kiss the corpse i will leave behind.”

“sad to say, no one woUld kiss the corpse i will leave behind.