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Grammar Island (part of Michael Clay Thompson's language arts program): Though we use separate spelling and grammar programs, too, MCT teaches language in such a beautiful, fun way. I can see this program gradually becoming the only thing we do for LA aside from reading great books.

Grammar, Vocabulary, Poetry, Writing, and Literature These exciting and demanding books have been phenomenally successful both as stand-alones, and as part of a longer term, progressive English Language Arts curriculum. They are widely used for homeschool language arts. Student books and teacher manuals are available for each, and special home editions or parent-answer books for some.

Integrated grammar, poetry, vocabulary, and writing package for gifted students, we started using this one at the "town" and "magic lens" levels. I now feel sorry for kids who have to learn grammar and vocabulary any other way.

#LANGUAGE #PODCAST Luke's ENGLISH Podcast - Learn British English with Luke Thompson 405. British Accents in The Lord of the Rings (Part 2) READ: https://podDVR.COM/?c=1b65e972-bc3b-df47-3688-ffe8332e2041

Grammar Island (MCT)- Grammar Island introduces, in very simple fashion, the full four-level grammar of (1) parts of speech, (2) parts of sentences, (3) phrases, and (4) clauses.